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Q & A: Should I Tithe While Getting Out of Debt?

I get it. You’re wondering if there are exceptions to the rules of tithing, like when you’re trying to throw every penny you have into your debt snowball. It’s a justified question. But first of all, let’s remember that tithing is not about rules, it’s about giving freely, so make sure you are giving out of love and not out of guilt. Secondly…

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6 Ways to be Generous While Paying Off Debt

When you’re paying off debt, giving often has to take a backseat. You need to make sure to tithe from your monthly income, but we have to limit giving beyond that so we can get out of debt as fast as possible and then circle back to giving in the best way when the debt is gone. For someone who dreams of giving outrageously, this can feel constricting. But sometimes we forget that giving goes beyond money. We have so many opportunities to give that are not financially costly.

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