How to Create a Budget With Your Spouse

Budgeting alone can be difficult, but combing two personalities into one budget takes the difficultly to another level. Often times opposites attract, so there’s a good chance you and your spouse have different ways of handling money. Realize that disagreements are normal and the sweet spot is finding a way for your differences to compliment each other.

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The Spender vs. The Saver: How to Balance Your Spouse's Money Habits

Generally speaking, we can pretty much classify people into two categories when it comes to their money habits: the spender and the saver. Spenders like to spend money and savers would rather save it. The question is, can the coexist in a marriage without pulling each other’s hair out? The answer is a definite yes, and in fact, I think that having both types represented in a marriage will ultimately set you up for financial success….when you’re balancing each other’s money habits.

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